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How technology can be used to solve problems in our environment? Our team DeToNate focuses on designing solutions that can solve potential problems.

Whether it is clean energy, robotics, quantum computing, synthetic biology, telemedicine, AI, or cloud education and NUI software, technology can solve all the biggest problems confronting mankind.

So, how can technology solve problems? Can technology pave the way for a better world? Just how far reaching can “tech for the greater good” be? Let’s find out, as we brainstorm in this 24 hours to find the right solution.




We probably have one last concept left for discussion –
The feasibility of our model

In a nutshell, our model revolves around the theory of the exploitation of resources from an advanced host computer by a number of user computers which under current circumstances would be unable to run a particular program due to its compromised resources.

So how practical is the idea?
Well,  currently we do have platforms that cover the ground work for the implementation of our model.
For virtual desktops and as an application of cloud resources, we have the existence of Paperspace
And with regard to gaming, there already exists  – LiquidSky
LiquidSky provides users a virtual computer running Windows Server 2016 from which users can stream games to their devices. It consists of a network of servers based in data centers provided by IBM in North America, Europe, Singapore, among others, in which games are being hosted.
– Wikipedia
Thus what we offer is no new technological invention but rather to simply move a step forward and to re-define the influence of sharing computer resources.
Ultimately claiming our application of Sharing to be 100% feasible.

Happy & proud to present

-Team DeToNate